Hi all, I am Jiju, tickled by the PCQuest Linux initiative and inspired by the linux-bangalore.org I got interested in Linux Operating System, and eventually php scripting language too.

It was after about four years of professional work in php, that I thought of starting a blog with tips to local php users. I am no good writer and would like the help of all others who are advocacies in this field to make this blog a success.

Recently I am heavily into freelance working through some of the freelance bidding portals and this has given much higher exposure to varying technologies and frameworks.

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  1. do
    you have any idea about institutions offering web development courses in trivandrum including php?please send your valuable information

    1. I don’t think there are much, though few offer guidance in zend certification and a lot of them would be training you to write spaghetti or embedded code.

  2. @deja_vu
    The logicindia, I just made a call to them, they have flexible timings, and inside 6K for the course fee, the total course duration is 3 months. Although this is not a training towards Zend certification, they have the Pearson VUE authorization and one can get a Zend certification exam administered by them. Also a vague overview of MySQL and introduction to a selected CMS is being offered. About keltron, I could not get any further.

  3. Hi:

    I came across your post of executing PHP script from MySql trigger.

    I’m building an application that needs to run a PHP script when a row is added into a MySQl table. I don’t want to run cron and I believe your approach can be the solution. I would like to speak with you and get your opinion on the issue. I’ll be happy to pay through PayPal or through cheque if you can help us. Please send me an email with your skype id or your phone number.


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