Importance of event logging in server side scripting

Now a days script driven web applications are getting more and more complicated with background operations and triggered events. Debugging or event tracking is tough once the application is moved into production. Fresh and aspiring programmers are always too cautious to wade into deeper waters, and always go with line by line testing. Almost always in the course of debugging or code optimizations I see a lot of them using file_put_contents or echo to check variables at a particular point of execution.

I always gave the pressure to use a good logging system from the start itself, and to add level based message logging with debug_backtrace wherever needed. The most recent class abstraction for php programmers which is being used in our custom framework is attached to the downloads here. The file logging is being done after serializing, compressing and base64_encoding to keep logs in single lines, and to make sure they dont take up too much of the space.
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php wrapper for zapatec tree widget

To quote the zapatec site ” The Zapatec DHTML Tree is an easy, attractive, and versatile way to display information. You can use the DHTML tree as a menu, a site map, or a way to display your data. Our DHTML Tree works in many different browsers, but if visitors use older browsers, they will still be able to see and use the underlying HTML code. ”

I did find this very good, and in the sense that it provides a method for the Search Engines to see all the links. Recently in an administrative backend, I needed to provide a method to browse multilevel deep category subcategory, where they add new products, to their existing line, for which I did choose the lite version of zapatec suite.

The generation of nested ul/li tags for the tree was a real pain for me, from the existing database. And I thought about a wrapper which could do the job if provided with an array of data rows. Hence I made the class-tree.php. The included file is having an implementation sample which will need the lite version from zapatec site.

The sample implementation with the help of zapatec could generate a tree as shown from the code attached below.

tree screen shot


The Data

To start with the implementation, we create an instance of the zptree after including the class-tree.php, and passing the path of zapatec js files.

create instance

Then initiate the tree data using $catTree->treeData = array(); Then go along selecting the data from mysql using the select statement select category_id as id,category_name,parent_category_id from category order by parent_category_id, inside a while loop, the tree data is added to the member array, while($rd = $db->fetch_array($rs)) $catTree->treeData[] = $rd;

The attached class-tree.php also has an example implementation at the end, which should be removed before using in production.

Please excuse me about the sloppy documentation, since I am no good at explaining things.