EBS Provisioning VS Performance – Confusions cleared

For almost over the last decade ( since 2009 ), I was never worried about the EBS performance indexes. Used to create a single volume and attached to an instance as and when required. Today just for wandering, and to entertain myself, did a couple of tests. Thanks to aws-cli without which this could have taken more than what it would.

Straight into what I found in a short summary. Note that the values are Bps.

Raid 0631M671M740M1.3G366K631M8851.47
Raid 5336M250M332M1.2G9.9k315M8306.52
Performance across different combination of EBS Volumes

Kicked up an EC2 instance and mounted a 200gb EBS volume to run a series of tests. Thanks to nixCraft article titled “Linux and Unix Test Disk I/O Performance With dd Command“.

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