url shortening script using MariaFramework

Just as a proof of concept, we had tried to port or even rework the whole of asianetindia.com using MariaFramework. The task of migrating the wordpress admin side, being herculian, this was delayed in pushing to production and it is still in poc stage. Now to nail down the fact that MariaFramework is production ready, we need to show off some generic applications. Here comes one, though the commenting in the main application is poor, I hope one can implement this and get running with out much headache.

Download the full script Download

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MariaFramework 0.22 released

The MariaFramework or phpmf has been released with a couple of new enhancements. The MariaFramework portal is updated with some new plugins for phpmf. Will dive into what the details of the plugins are in another post. For the time the enhancements of the all new MariaFramework.
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