Cloud advantage in farming

Well recently just getting too much free time, my interests have started to take a turn towards kitchen farming. Research around hydroponic tower gardens and finally attempting to build one has given a real morale boost.

This one is a picture in the very early stage, where a 1m 4.5″ PVC pipe can house about 24 x 2″ net pots. Should have stopped at 22 skipping the topmost 2 nos, which was a hindrance when the fountain was installed. Finally managed to cap it with a circular food container, which was salvaged from our kitchen. The water reservoir was an old 20lit water can, and pump bought off amazon, which could lift up to 1.8m.

This pump was chosen to be installed in the bottom tank.

Well now I am waiting for some seeds which I have ordered and would be trying to plant those. Oh okay, this is not what I wanted to write about, and the real content is upcoming.

I wanted to dig into possibilities of minimal usage of cloud and services into managing some part of farming. Though real manual farming is a passion not for me but my brother. With the thoughts and ideas, started to check if some one else had gone in the same direction, which landed me on YT with a handful of ideas, from which a two part video from Great Scott hit the nail right on head.

Just adding the first part as an embedded video, if the original person tears it down, I will attempt to narrate the whole thing, till then there is no point in wrting these and not giving the due credit for the original publisher.

I know there is more to this, and the latter part will come up when I will do this on a realtime. Might be tough for me as the GreenHouse kits are not availabe towards this end, and I dont have my private space as I am living in an apartment with shared common area.

Just for the works, I would consider the following, taking a different path, to use sensors for soil and room humidity and temperature, control air flow with exhaust fan with shutter as well as mist spray irrigation system within the greenhouse, one minute montioring with 5Mp digital cameras and image analysis. Also better housing for the power and control unit to adapt with our climate conditions here. Possible location is at our farmhouse.