MariaFramework 0.22 released

The MariaFramework or phpmf has been released with a couple of new enhancements. The MariaFramework portal is updated with some new plugins for phpmf. Will dive into what the details of the plugins are in another post. For the time the enhancements of the all new MariaFramework.

First of all, a compressed version using compressing and encoding techniques in encode php is included inline on the main page. Even though this will hinder the download counts, this is the most appropriate release for production sites. And if one or other of the php compile cache is available with the hosting, the decompress and eval would not be a major headache.

The second being an adoption of events and actions from the wordpress world. Though the addaction, and fireevent do not function or behave the same as in worpdress, the idea is more or less the same. And about 7 hooks are documented on the site. Of which 5 are inbuilt in the framework and the last two being part of the views or the template.