JavaScript Aggregate; WordPress plugin

Collects all different linked javascripts and replaces with a combined single script, optionally compressed. Based on code originally written by David Holmes, Martin Kliehm, Gaetano Giunta. Uses the PHP adaptation of JSMin, published by Douglas Crockford as jsmin.c, also based on its Java translation by John Reilly.

After reading about Website Performance Tweaks, and a lot of other blogs and slides, I thought about how to cook up a javascript aggregate plugin for wordpress. The out come is wp-jsmin. Though this is in its infancy, it is being used in this blog, to combine all linked javascript to a single link, thereby reducing server requests. This code is still in the testing stage, and may break if the used scripts do not pass lint checks. I am planning to shift all the options to a options page in the wordpress admin page.

Those who are daring enough could download and try. Please put a comment here if you are using this on your wordpress. And for others who would like professional help, I would be most pleased to extend my services through RentACoder. Or for a whole dedicated wordpress team to design, build and maintain sites like Kerala News, Cirrus Travles or Rajeev Gandhi Center for Biotechnology, send an inquiry to Saturn.