AJAXification by js graceful degradation

Now the question was about a suggestion to have a balance between best designs considering a friendly URL, Ajax, and SEO. It was implied about some contradictory indications. With the discussion passing on to friendly URLs are great if for no reason than log analysis, however, friendly URLs are supposedly better for SEO also (besides all
the other stuff for SEO).

Suppose if you would like to start moving over to AJAX for CMS-related, stuff, such as loading a news article when the user clicks on a headline, and stil make the site really search engine friendly.

Basically, you have a regular tag link that goes to the location you want, but you also have an onclick javascript event for that link that does the ajax stuff and returns false so that the browser doesn’t request the href part of the tag. Ideally, you’ll have an onload event to your page that attaches all these onclick events to your links so that you don’t even have inline javascript. (Rob Marscher at NYPHP).

The added benefit to backloading your ajaxification is that regardless of js enablement, the user could right click your link and open in new tab or window or even bookmark it and it’s still a plain link that will open normally. (Mark Armendariz at NYPHP).

The overall suggestion is to use prototype.js, and some implementation to use asynchronous fetch.