Migration from MySQL to MSSQL our solutions

Last post I did had all of my feelings, and despair, and now I am sure those were out of sheer negligence and mostly because I was unaware of the MS SQL product. Though I still do not agree with certain things like the row_count workaround for the limit feature, and escaping of quotes. But for our project we could more or less maintain a streamline by using the same code base for MySQL, SQLite3 and MSSQL 2005. Will try to explain this across a couple of posts.

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Porting application from MySQL to MSSQL

At first I thought it should be a challenge, though I did not expect it to be too tough, since we were already using a custom db wrapper. Well it turned out to be well too heavy a nightmare. And there was situations where I even considered retiring from life. I pity those who are paying thousands of hard earned money to buy such filthy crap.
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Convert MySQL Database to SQLite3 Database

For a cd based time limited working copy, of one of our products, I decided to port our mysql application to sqlite3. Since we had about 70 tables, and all with optimized indexes, and about 24 user defined function 3 triggers and 12 procedures, normally anyone would have thought of simply getting along with the mysql system itself. But I wanted to face the challenge. Thanks to Rob Cameron for the shell script published on his blog RidingTheClutch, Convert a MySQL database to a SQLite3 database, which sparked my thoughts.
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