WordPress Super Cache on lighttpd

While trying to speed up Select Articles, I got stuck, torn in between WP Super Cache and lighttpd. Already we at Saturn are using lighttpd on several dedicated servers, and know the potential and benefit of having this over Apache though the flexiblity of having a perdirectory configuration at the programmers choice was a big question. A quick search on the Google landed me to a technical blog, notepad and personal web page by Asterios Katsifodimos.

Trying to get WP Super Cache & WordPress working on my fast lighttpd server, I came into problems, mainly because of lighttpd’s lack of (Apache’s version of) the mod_rewrite module. The static files that were created from the cache were not statically served from wordpress. The problem is that in order to use them, the PHP fcgi was called for each request. So, why would we have to call PHP every time that a file can be completely statically provided by the web server?

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