Fun digging into WordPress XML RPC

Once we achieved 20K visits per day at (maintained by Saturn SPL), we planned to hammer in and our target was 30k in three months. We have achived that view the stats. For this twitter and blog helped a lot. We had added auto blogging, and wordtwit both to the existing It means each post when published will be tweeted, as well as a post to blog, which contains the excerpt with a back link to the original.

We wanted to get maximum links back into the blog also, and thought that a track back would be the best method and choose that against auto commenting systems. And a full time tester was doing linking related news and posts from other sites to our blog posts. It started to turn tiring when thought of the volume that was getting posted in a day. At this point, we at saturn started to think of automating the linking drive. The out come is autolinker, which is run using the random cron.
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