Rent A Coder – Resume Page Ratings to RSS

Myself is more or less active at RAC, and wanted to show off my buyers comments in a page for promoting me. And wrote this script rac2rss. Download from here.

The main script is rac2rss.php, change the line [php] $coder_id = “1242159”; [/php], in rac2rss.php to get your resume. [php] $myFileMgr = new fileMgr(‘./cache’,7 * 24 * 60 * 60); [/php] defines the cache, and the cache folder should be world / webserver writable, and it can be outside web path for security reasons, only that the absolute or relative path should be provided, as well the lifetime is in seconds, actually in the said script I have put it as a week.

As a last note, thanks to all members and maintainers of RAC, for making it a wonderful place for all of us.