Podcasting Solution on AWS

PodCasting – on AWS can be damn cheap while being ready for a bigbillion hit…


  1. Amazon S3
  2. Amazon Lambda ( S3 Events [and @ Edge ( if not authenticating from Cognito) ] )
  3. Amazon CloudFront
  4. Amazon Route 53
  5. Amazon Cognito ( optional if social login is required )
  6. A pinch of html and some javascript ( will be provided by me )

S3 stores raw files in one bucket, and trigers lambda to do the transcoding, if mobile from any format to mp3. Meta information should be uploaded to same bucket as flat file. Also multiple quality files will be generated. Interface will upload meta.json and pod.raw files to S3 bucket.

Lambda will convert these into multiple mp3 files as well as pod index. Also will update the rss feeds and resubmit to podcast directories.

IF sole author, admin app can be local or a private mobile app, local will need to install NodeJS (>= 10) and npm, any further dependencies can be piped using npm install. Run is “npm run” will show the url in command line interface. For the same some environment settings are required.

Comments by disqus and analytics by google and custom search are some recommendations for better SEO and placement in search results.

The solution is already built and available with me which uses Node.JS for almost all purposes, and the public interface is just simply open and does not use cognito federated socical login. It was an academic project and security was not a concern. It could be converted to a commercial one if there are takers.